Rental of Facilities

* No rentals due to Covid -19

Items required for rentals include:

  • Rental Agreement: signed by both parties
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance: minimum $2 million policy; must indicate that the SLCSD is “additionally insured”
  • Deposit: refundable after the event if no additional costs have been incurred
  • All applicable rental fees: facility, personnel, etc.
  • Proof of non-profit status / Federal Tax ID # (if applicable)
  • Understanding of the responsibilities of renting the facilities

Initial Agreement Form: file:///C:/Users/aisli/Downloads/ORIGINAL%20RENTAL%20CONTRACT%20FORM.pdf

Examples of Insurance:  file:///C:/Users/aisli/Downloads/SLC%20School%20District%20Insurance.pdf

Rental Fees:

Rental C4 Policy:

Rental Policy: