Pre-Tryout Participation Requirements for Student-Athletes

1. Register My Athlete, use link below to sign up.

  • Create account for student athlete
  • Do not create multiple accounts
  • If you forget your password, press reset to receive new password or contact Athletic Director
  • Transfer students must enter into transfer portal on rma

Transfer Rule:

SECTION 9: Transfer Rule

The Transfer Rule is an integral part of the Association’s ability to create, administer and maintain the valuable and unique form of competition it offers. This unique form of competition is a carefully constructed system that promotes competitive balance and serves the mission and purpose of education-based sports and activities. Association sports and activities are intended to foster a sense of community as well as to teach teamwork and discipline. Other sporting organizations exist which promote free player movement and are primarily designed to promote athletic development of the individual and provide a showcase for the athletic talents of those individuals. These organizations do not share the primary purposes of the Association and therefore cannot provide the unique type of competition created and maintained by the Association. Efforts randomly to impose adjustments or favoritism on these rules damage the Association and, in turn, damage all the students who either participate in an Association sport/activity or who support them, from cheerleaders to band members to drill teams to parents. The Association is committed to maintaining its unique form of competition.


A student may request and an association shall grant a student eligibility to participate in an interscholastic activity after the student transfers to another school if the student participates in interscholastic activities at the new school and at least one of the following apply:

A. The student’s full family moves outside of the boundaries of the originating school and into the boundary of the new school;

B. The student’s transfer to the new school is a result of a death in the family, which requires the student to move from the student’s original residence;

C. The student’s transfer to the new school is a result of a divorce, which requires the student to move from the student’s original residence;

D. The student moves to live with an individual who has legal custody of the student with full and complete legal guardianship, which includes therapeutic boarding schools for students who are involved in therapeutic treatment at the new UHSAA member school;

E. The student has been a victim of bullying and the bullying was reported, documented, and investigated by the school or law enforcement. Any student making such a request shall provide such documentation as the Association may require and all requests will be considered on the facts documented. A student whose situation does not meet the criteria above may compete at the sub varsity level at the new school for a period of twelve (12) months from the last day of attendance at the former school provided they meet all other UHSAA and school/district eligibility requirements. Once a student has enrolled and attended at the new school, that student is no longer eligible at the former school.

2.  Complete Physical by Physician; Upload all 4 pages of physical form for Athletic Trainer approval:  Physical cannot expire from it’s year mark during the student athlete’s selected season or the Athletic Trainers will deem you ineligible for tryouts.  For example, if the student participates in a Spring sport, the physical cannot end in April during the season.  Please make sure your physician has signed the form.

3.  Academic Eligibility:

SECTION 8: Scholastic Rule A.

To be eligible to participate in Association sanctioned activities, a student:

1. Must be a full-time student in the school he or she intends to represent, or otherwise comply with all Utah State Board of Education dual enrollment requirements;

2. Cannot fail more than one subject in the preceding grading period (for purposes of this rule, a failure in a multi-period subject shall be counted as the number of failures equal to the number of periods in the class); and, must have obtained a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, for the preceding grading period, based on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent.