Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Future Teachers of America · West FBLA Achieves Top 10 Awards at State

Please congratulate the following members of our FBLA club for their success at the State Leadership Competition this week.  Not only did we garner two State Officer positions, we also came in 2nd in total points only to be bested by a school that has three times as many members!!!  International Competition will be held virtually the end of June.

Utah State FBLA Officer Alicia Du
Utah State FBLA Officer Amrita Krishna
FBLA Program of Work West 4
Future Business Leader Alicia Zhang 1
Business Leader Scholarship Alicia Zhang $200
Business Leader Scholarship Sachin Sundar $300
Traveling Trophy Large Division West 2
Who’s Who in FBLA Sachin Sundar 1
Who’s Who in FBLA Alicia Zhang 2
Accounting II Zhongyao Zhang 5
Accounting II Kevin Tran 9
Advertising Elinor Brunner 1
Advertising Lasya Jonnalagedda 4
Agribusiness Elinor Brunner 2
Business Communication Elinor Brunner 10
Business Ethics Amrita Krishna 6
Business Ethics Sachin Sundar 6
Business Ethics Zhongyao Zhang 6
Business Law Zhongyao Zhang 9
Cyber Security Annaliese Hussey 1
E-Business Amrita Krishna 2
E-Business Brynna Shale 2
Economics Quinn Shumway 2
Economics Lydia May 7
Graphic Design Raghav Krishna Sodisetti 7
Health Care Administration Alicia Zhang 8
Hospitality & Event Management Alicia Zhang 1
Hospitality & Event Management Quinn Shumway 1
Impromptu Speaking Adelaide Parker 2
Insurance & Risk Management Zhongyao Zhang 5
Insurance & Risk Management Elinor Brunner 10
Introduction to Business Lydia May 1
Introduction to Business Communication Lasya Jonnalagedda 4
Introduction to Business Procedures Lydia May 2
Introduction to Business Procedures Evelyn Link 6
Introduction to Event Planning Maggie Brunner 5
Introduction to FBLA Bala Naga Sahasra Tella 1
Introduction to Financial Math Lasya Jonnalagedda 6
Introduction to Financial Math Jacklyn Wei 7
Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure Bala Naga Sahasra Tella 2
Introduction to Public Speaking Lasya Jonnalagedda 1
Introduction to Social Media Strategy RaghavKrishna Sodisetti 5
Journalism Elinor Brunner 5
Journalism Sachin Sundar 10
Management Information Systems Alicia Zhang 1
Management Information Systems Quinn Shumway 1
Organizational Leadership Alicia Du 2
Organizational Leadership Quinn Shumway 3
Personal Finance Alicia Du 7
Political Science Zhongyao Zhang 5
Political Science Adelaide Parker 9
Political Science Elinor Brunner 10
Public Speaking Alicia Du 3
Publication Design Raghav Krishna Sodisetti 9
Social Media Strategies Brynna Shale 6
Social Media Strategies Maggie Brunner 6
Sports & Entertainment Management Annaliese Hussey 7
Sports & Entertainment Management Maggie Brunner 7
Sports & Entertainment Management Tony Zhang 7
Supply Chain Management Sachin Sundar 8
Website Design Amrita Krishna 5
Website Design Brynna Shale 5