Boys Varsity Soccer · Boys Soccer Disclosure

Below is the soccer disclosure for boys soccer.  Please email if you need it in another language.





UPDATED:  January 30, 2019





Boy’s Soccer is a competitive sport sanctioned by the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA), which involves intense physical and mental demand.  The boys’ soccer season is played in the spring and typically runs between the end of February and the middle of May.


In accordance with the Utah High School Activities

Association, boys who maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA, have no more than 1 failing grade and who are enrolled in a minimum of 5 qualifying academic classes, are eligible to compete.  The eligibility requirement is considered for the term that occurs prior to and during the boy’s soccer season.  Please remember that these are the minimum eligibility requirements.  Students are encouraged, at all times, to place a high priority on their academics and to excel to the best of their abilities.



All students interested in trying out for the boys’ soccer team must sign up through Register My Athlete (RMA) @  All requirements found within RMA must be complete prior to tryouts, including having electronic signatures, Form A, and a physical completed and submitted.
PHYSICALS: All athletes must have a physical performed by a trained

medical professional prior to trying out for a high school sanctioned athletics team.







HEALTH INSURANCE: All athletes are highly encouraged to have health
  insurance coverage, although a waiver may be signed to


be allowed to play without being insured.




There is a $50 participation fee assessed to all students who are selected to be on the varsity and/or jr. varsity team.  Students who are on fee waiver status do not have to pay the fee, but still need to clear the fee with the school Treasurer.  The participation fee is used to supplement the boy’s soccer budget.

Additionally, those selected to be on the team may be required to pay an additional $30 required uniform fee.  This fee will purchase 2 pairs of game uniform socks for each player as well as a team warm up shirt.


Players will pay all fees to the Treasurer and provide the soccer coach with proof of receipt. No fees will be accepted by the coaching staff.




The coaching staff will coordinate all fundraising activities, within the established guidelines of West High School, the

Salt Lake City School District and the UHSAA.  Student Athletes may be asked to participate in fundraising activities, but will not be required to be involved.  All

fundraising efforts will directly benefit the West High Boy’s

Soccer Program.



Students and coaches involved in the West High Boy’s Soccer Program will be expected to abide by all policies and procedures endorsed by West High School and the UHSAA.  Additionally, local and state laws will be observed at all times.  Bad sportsmanship and the breaking of any rules or laws will not be tolerated.


The boys’ soccer team will be comprised of 35 – 40 players per year.  At the discretion of the coaching staff, 18-20 players will suit for varsity and 17-20 players will suit for junior varsity.  Several players will be asked to participate on both the junior varsity and varsity teams.  The coaching staff reserves the right to alter these numbers at their discretion.
PRACTICE: Attendance at all practice sessions is mandatory.  Practice will be held during the weekdays, on non-game days, from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM.  Team members are expected to be ready to start practice promptly at 3:00 PM.  Team members who are not at practice will miss out on valuable training and conditioning that is necessary to be competitive at the high school soccer level.  Additionally, by missing practice, you will be letting your teammates down.  If team members know they will be missing practice, they should contact a coach or team captain prior to the start of that practice session.  Two unexcused




absences from practice may result in a player being dismissed from the team.  Players who miss practice (excused or non-excused), may not be allowed to play for a portion or all of the team’s next game.  This will be decided at the discretion of the coach staff.  Some exceptions, such as taking tests or making up schoolwork, may apply.


All athletes are encouraged, when possible, to schedule appointments (doctor, dentist, teacher, etc.) at times that do not conflict with practice or games.  Soccer games are played in any type of weather condition except for lightning and practice will be held under the same guidelines.  Practice may be shortened, at the discretion of the coaching staff.


UNIFORMS:                            Athletes who are successfully chosen to be a member of

the varsity and/or junior varsity soccer team will receive two sets of uniforms (home and away).  These uniforms are the property of West High School and must be returned at the end of each season.  It will be the responsibility of each team member to take care of their assigned uniforms.  Regular cleaning of the uniforms is expected so that the team represents West High with respect and pride.  Socks and warm up shirts will be purchased through the fees collected from the team members and they will remain their property at the end of the season.  No uniform piece will be distributed to a team member until they have provided the coaches with a receipt showing they have paid their required fees and/or taken care of their fee waiver transaction.


LETTERMAN CRITERIA:      One or more of the following criteria must be met in order to receive a varsity soccer letter at West High School:


  1. Play a minimum of 240 minutes in varsity soccer games (Equivalent of three complete games).
  2. Start a minimum of 5 varsity games.
  3. Score a minimum of 2 varsity goals.
  4. Start in a post-season game.
  5. Receive any region, state, and/or national recognition for outstanding soccer performance.
  6. Receive an Academic All-State Award.
  7. Record a minimum of 2 varsity shutouts in a single season (goalies).
  8. An Honorary Varsity Letter can be awarded by the head coach. This will be done at the coach’s discretion.